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The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty Luv U So Matcha Printed Essence Sheet Mask (3 Pack)

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The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty Luv U So Matcha Printed Essence Sheet Mask (3 Pack)

The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty
LUV the skin you’re in! Clarify and soften your skin with the help of The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty! This skin-loving essence sheet mask is infused with refreshing Green Tea and softening Allantoin.
Green Tea - Helps clarify while protecting your skin against pollutants and sun damage.
Allantoin - Softens and aids in increasing skin’s moisture absorption.

1. Place mask on clean, dry face.
2. Enjoy 10-15 minutes of me-time.
3. Check out your new glow! No need to rinse or dry. Proceed with skin regimen.
Slight tingling is normal. Discontinue use if strong tingling occurs. Our masks are gentle and may be used every day. For a cooling effect, store in the refrigerator.
For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes or irritated skin. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear. Keep out of reach of children. Effectiveness may vary per skin type. Stop use immediately and consult a physician if problems occur after use.

The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty

爱上你的皮肤!在 The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty 的帮助下净化和软化您的皮肤!这款亲肤精华片状面膜注入清爽的绿茶和柔软的尿囊素。
绿茶 - 有助于澄清,同时保护您的皮肤免受污染物和阳光伤害。
尿囊素 - 软化并有助于增加皮肤的水分吸收。

1. 将面膜放在干净、干燥的脸上。
2. 享受 10-15 分钟的私人时间。
3. 看看你的新光芒!无需冲洗或干燥。继续进行皮肤护理。

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