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SHABON Multi-cleaner (Fuki Fuki soap) 300ml

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Pure natural mature limestone

"No Addition"
Protect the health of the whole family

Pure natural stone alkali does not contain chemical carcinogens

Environmental protection. Made of the top natural raw materials







In the post-epidemic era, home cleaning will be upgraded again

The sterilization/virus inactivation effect reaches 99.9%

Passed skin allergy/irritation test

No fragrance, no alcohol, no chemical synthesis

Completely removes dirt and does not hurt hands

※Spraying, wiping, various cleaning and sterilization protection, all in one bottle!



可用於徹底去除每天所在意的髒污並同時除菌(*1),更可近一步讓病毒不活化的效果達到 99.99% 以上 (*2)。




*2.病毒不活化效果達 99.99%以上,但並非可使全部種類的病毒不活化

Product Features:

A new multi-purpose wiping cleaning product of "Stone Soda Type"!

It can be used to completely remove the dirt you care about every day and sterilize it at the same time (*1), and it can further reduce the virus inactivation effect to more than 99.99% (*2).

The ingredients are no added limestone, no fungicides, alcohol, flavors, pigments, antioxidants and synthetic surfactants are used at all, so everyone from children to adults can use it with peace of mind.

When using alcohol-based antibacterial spray for wiping and cleaning, it is inevitable that there will be doubts about residues or spraying on the surrounding food, especially the hands that are most frequently touched. Not only focus on sterilization and virus prevention measures, Tested for skin allergy/irritation, it cleans and cares for hands.

*1. The sterilization effect is more than 99.9%, but not all types of bacteria can be eliminated

*2. The virus inactivation effect is more than 99.99%, but not all types of viruses can be inactivated










"Household Dirt Cleaning and Sterilization"

Spray the spray directly on the items you want to clean, and wipe with toilet paper, paper towels or dry cloth immediately after spraying.

When used for sterilization: please leave it for 5 minutes after spraying, and then wipe it clean. (Not all types of bacteria can be eliminated)

When it is used to inactivate the virus: please leave it for 3 minutes after spraying, and then wipe it clean. (Not all types of viruses can be inactivated)

※For sterilization or virus inactivation, please spray the spray liquid evenly on the entire surface of the object.

"Children's Cleaning"

Spray the spray liquid on toilet paper, paper towels or a clean cloth to wipe it, and then wipe it thoroughly with a wet wipe.

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