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Sangaria Ramune Japanese Carbonated Soft Drink Original Flavor

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Sangaria Ramune Original Flavor is a refreshing and iconic Japanese soda that delivers a delightful taste experience. Ramune, a popular carbonated drink in Japan, is known for its unique bottle design and distinctive flavor profiles, and Sangaria Ramune Original Flavor stays true to these beloved characteristics.

This soda features a classic and timeless taste that has captivated taste buds for generations. The Original Flavor of Sangaria Ramune is a fusion of sweetness and tanginess, offering a balanced and bubbly sensation with every sip. The flavor is reminiscent of a blend of citrus and lemon-lime notes, creating a thirst-quenching and enjoyable taste that is both familiar and exciting.

One of the distinguishing features of Sangaria Ramune is its traditional Codd-neck bottle design. The glass bottle is sealed with a marble that is pushed down into the neck of the bottle to release the carbonation upon opening. This interactive and playful element adds to the enjoyment of the drinking experience, making it a fun and memorable treat for soda enthusiasts of all ages.

6.76 fl. oz. (200 ml)

Sangaria Ramune 原味是一款清爽的标志性日本苏打水,带来愉悦的味觉体验。弹珠汽水是日本流行的碳酸饮料,以其独特的瓶子设计和独特的风味特征而闻名,而桑格利亚弹珠汽水原味保留了这些深受人们喜爱的特点。


Sangaria Ramune 的显着特征之一是其传统的铜颈瓶设计。玻璃瓶用大理石密封,将大理石推入瓶颈以在打开时释放碳酸化作用。这种互动和有趣的元素增加了饮用体验的乐趣,使其成为所有年龄段汽水爱好者的有趣和难忘的享受。

6.76 液体。盎司。 (200 毫升)

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