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Sangaria Ramune Japanese Carbonated Soft Drink Grape Flavor

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Sangaria Ramune Japanese Carbonated Soft Drink in Grape Flavor is a delightful and flavorful beverage that brings a burst of fruity goodness to your taste buds. This version of the popular Ramune soda from Japan offers a unique twist with its delectable grape flavor.

With each sip, you'll experience the unmistakable taste of juicy grapes that is both sweet and slightly tart, creating a refreshing and mouthwatering sensation. The Grape Flavor of Sangaria Ramune is carefully crafted to capture the essence of real grapes, providing a delightful fruity taste that is both enjoyable and invigorating.

Like all Ramune sodas, Sangaria Ramune Grape Flavor comes in a distinctive Codd-neck glass bottle. The bottle is sealed with a marble that is pressed down to release the carbonation upon opening, adding a fun and interactive element to your drinking experience. It's a truly unique way to enjoy your soda and adds to the charm and appeal of this delightful beverage.

6.76 fl. oz. (200 ml)

Sangaria Ramune 葡萄味日本碳酸软饮料是一种令人愉悦且美味的饮料,为您的味蕾带来一阵果香。这款来自日本的流行弹珠汽水以其令人愉悦的葡萄风味提供了独特的风味。

每一口,您都会体验到多汁葡萄的独特味道,甜甜略带酸味,带来清爽、令人垂涎欲滴的感觉。 Sangaria Ramune 的葡萄风味经过精心调制,捕捉真正葡萄的精髓,提供令人愉悦的果味,既令人愉悦又充满活力。

与所有 Ramune 苏打水一样,Sangaria Ramune 葡萄味采用独特的铜颈玻璃瓶。瓶子采用大理石密封,打开后按下大理石即可释放碳酸,为您的饮用体验增添有趣和互动的元素。这是一种真正独特的享受苏打水的方式,并增添了这种令人愉悦的饮料的魅力和吸引力。

6.76 液体。盎司。 (200 毫升)

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