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FIANCEE Hair Stick Pure Shampoo Scent 10ml

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Put together bangs, ahoge, and loose hair with a single coat! Hair stick for styling with a natural finish. A scent of pure shampoo that scents casually.

● A mascara type that keeps your hands clean.

● Uses a large brush that can be applied over a wide area.

● Compact and ideal for carrying around!

● Keeps the finish as if nothing is applied without stickiness or hardening.

● It is difficult to form a bundle even if it is overcoated.

● It does not easily turn white.

● Contains cuticle care ingredients and hair repair ingredients

How to use

Pull out the cap slowly and straightly, and apply it directly to the areas of concern such as bangs, short protruding hair, and loose hair.

Notes on use

● scratches and swelling, eczema, etc., in an area of abnormal Please do not use if skin shows redness, itching or other allergy symptoms, please stop using the product immediately.

●. Redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss when an abnormality such as (such as white spots) and darkening appeared to discontinue use, it is recommended to consult our toll-free or doctor and skin. It may worsen the symptoms and continue to use them.

● When you put on your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, rarely or rash, please note that it may cause stains.

● When attached, such as a thin color of clothing, that it may rarely cause stains, please note.

● Please be sure to firmly tighten the cap after use.

● Extremely hot or cold places, in direct sunlight, please do not keep.

● Please keep out of reach of children.

● Because it is flammable, please pay attention to the fire.

用一个梳子把长发和松散的头发放在一起! 用于造型自然的发棒。 一种纯洗发水的香味,散发着随意的香味。

● 保持双手清洁的睫毛膏类型。

● 使用大面积刷子。

● 小巧便携,非常适合随身携带!

● 保持漆面,仿佛没有涂抹任何东西,没有粘性或硬化。

● 即使覆膜也难以成束。

● 不易变白。

● 含有角质层护理成分和头发修复成分



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