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FIANCEE Aroma Body Gel (Sweet Floral) Limited Edition 9ml

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New! Make the fragrance stronger and longer lasting! With just one rub, the lovely girly scent is instantly released! Such as the fresh smell of shampoo, after use, it is like the fragrance after bathing, suitable for going out or traveling and any occasion. Spice Recipe:

● Top Notes: Refreshing green apple and lemon aromas.

● Middle Notes: Elegant and reverberating floral fragrance.

● Base note: a gorgeous and fresh aroma.

Advantages of the gel form: ● The free print head can be used at any time. ● The smell will not scatter around, and it is easy to stick to the skin to make the fragrance last. ● The brush head completely absorbs the gel, so it is easy to control the dosage, and the thickness can be adjusted.

How to use

The amount of your choice is taken up in the chip, let soften wrist, neck, chest, to the ankle, such as the skin.
Please close the cap tightly immediately after use. The gel is volatilized is the contents component is exposed to air, it may be cloudy white, but there is not a quality problem.

Notes on use

● scratches and swelling, eczema, etc., in an area of abnormal Please do not use if skin shows redness, itching or other allergy symptoms, please stop using the product immediately.

●. Redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss when an abnormality such as (such as white spots) and darkening appeared to discontinue use, it is recommended to consult our toll-free or doctor and skin. It may worsen the symptoms and continue to use them.

● When you put on your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, rarely or rash, please note that it may cause stains.

● When attached, such as a thin color of clothing, that it may rarely cause stains, please note.

● Please be sure to firmly tighten the cap after use.

● Extremely hot or cold places, in direct sunlight, please do not keep.

● Please keep out of reach of children.

● Because it is flammable, please pay attention to the fire.





● 前調:令人神清氣爽的青蘋果和檸檬香。

● 中調:優雅迴盪的花香。

● 基調:華麗清新特質的香氣。


● 免用噴頭隨時能使用。

● 味道不會四處飄散,易黏附於肌膚上使香味持久。

● 刷頭完全吸住凝膠,好控制用量,可調整濃淡。


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