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CANMAKE Melty Luminous Rouge (Tint type) T07 Ginger Orange

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A fresh rouge with a tantalizingly moist texture.

Long-lasting translucent tint formula.

Tantalizingly smooth texture.
● Seems to melt into your skin when you apply it to your lips. Glides on smoothly and clings to your lips.

Lightweight, non-greasy formula, so you can apply more than one coat.
● Lightweight texture never feels heavy on your lips, no matter how many coats you apply, so it’s ideal for touching-up your make-up.

Tinting effect gives a long-lasting translucent finish and a sophisticated gloss.
● Beautiful translucent color that lasts for hours, thanks to the tinting effect.
● Contains beautifying oils. Keeps lips moist, while giving them a sophisticated sheen for lusciousness that you can really feel.
● You can adjust the intensity of color by applying more layers.

Lip care that guards against chapped and dry lips.
● Contains petrolatum (petroleum jelly) to prevent moisture evaporation. Locks moisture into dryness-prone lips, keeping them plump and pillowy for hours and minimizing the appearance of vertical lines.

How to use:

This is a very soft lipstick.
Please be aware of the following.
・This product should be stored away from high temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight.
・Do not twist up more than 3 mm when using this product.
・The rouge itself may be worn down if it comes into contact with the side of the tube.
Ensure that you wipe the lip of the tube clean and then replace the cap tightly after use.




● 涂抹于唇部时,仿佛会融入肌肤。顺滑地滑动并紧贴在您的嘴唇上。

● 质地轻盈,无论涂多少层,嘴唇都不会感到厚重,非常适合补妆。

● 由于着色效果,美丽的半透明颜色可持续数小时。
● 含有美容油。保持双唇湿润,同时赋予双唇精致光泽,让您真正感受到甜美的感觉。
● 您可以通过应用更多层来调整颜色的强度。

● 含有凡士林(凡士林),可防止水分蒸发。将水分锁入容易干燥的双唇,使双唇在数小时内保持饱满、柔软,并最大限度地减少垂直纹路的出现。


・使用本产品时,扭曲请勿超过 3 毫米。

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