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CANMAKE Highlight Brush

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CANMAKE Highlight Brush

No special skills needed! Boosts translucence with a single sweep over the target area! Creates a sophisticated luster that melts into your skin ? Just what you've been waiting for - a proper highlighter brush that's outstandingly versatile! ? No complicated blending techniques required! A single sweep over the target area creates a perfect luster that seems to melt into your skin ? ? Uses captivatingly smooth, tapered nylon bristles - so gentle, you'll want to keep stroking them. ? Dense bristles with just the right amount of flexibility and an exquisite feeling against the skin creates silky-soft skin as smooth as if it had been burnished. ? Wide brush fits perfectly against your skin, ensuring a speedy finish on mornings when you're in a rush, or when you need to touch-up your make-up fast! Ensures perfectly even coverage. ? Compact size makes it convenient to use at home or keep in your make-up pouch? ? Comes with a nylon case, to keep your make-up pouch clean? ? Totally versatile, you can use it with all types of foundation, whether BB, liquid, emulsion, cream, or powder?

无需特殊技能! 通过一次扫过目标区域来增强半透明度! 打造融入肌肤的精致光泽? 正是您一直在等待的 - 一款多功能的合适荧光笔! ? 不需要复杂的混合技术! 对目标区域进行一次扫过即可产生完美的光泽,似乎融入您的皮肤? ? 使用极其光滑的锥形尼龙刷毛 - 如此轻柔,让您忍不住想要继续抚摸它们。 ? 浓密的刷毛具有恰到好处的柔韧性和细腻的触感,打造出如经过抛光般光滑的丝般柔软的肌肤。 ? 宽刷头完美贴合您的肌肤,确保您在早晨赶时间或需要快速补妆时快速完成妆容! 确保完美均匀的覆盖。 ? 尺寸紧凑,方便在家中使用或放在化妆袋中? ? 配有尼龙盒,以保持化妆包清洁? ? 用途广泛,您可以与所有类型的粉底一起使用,无论是 BB、液体、乳液、霜还是粉?

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