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Biore UV Athlizm Skin Protect Milk 65mL

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Biore UV Athlizm Skin Protect Milk SPF 50+/PA++++ Active 65ml has a liquid milk form that is easy to apply, absorbs quickly, feels like smooth skin silk after use. The product is suitable for people who are often outdoors, play sports, or sweat.
- The product is in the form of milk with a water-based texture, so it is very thin and light and gives a "refreshing" feeling when used, avoiding the condition of causing skin tightness like other brands. other cream-based sunscreen products. Once absorbed and dry, it provides a silky smooth effect without leaving white streaks.
- Hyaluronic and royal jelly help bring moisture, avoiding the phenomenon of dry skin like sunscreen products.

Biore UV Athlizm 护肤乳 SPF 50+/PA++++ Active 65ml 为液体乳状,易于涂抹,吸收迅速,使用后感觉如丝滑肌肤。 该产品适合经常在户外、运动、出汗的人群。
- 产品为牛奶状,水性质地,因此非常轻薄,使用时给人一种“清爽”的感觉,避免了像其他品牌那样造成皮肤紧绷的情况。 其他霜状防晒产品。 一旦吸收并干燥,它会提供丝般光滑的效果,不会留下白色条纹。
- 玻尿酸和蜂王浆有助于带来水分,避免像防晒产品那样出现皮肤干燥的现象。

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