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Ellicor Summer Art Contest

2023 Ellicor Summer Art Contest

Ellicor Gift Shop holds their first art contest this Summer, open to . There are lots of great awards waiting for you! Anyone age 6 -18 can participate it.

Theme: Ellicor`s Tour

Artwork Requirement:

Paper Dimension: 11” x 8.5”

Paper Orientation: Horizontal

Media: watercolor, makers, color pencils, acrylic, etc or digital. No 3D art is accepted.


The Cargi of the Ellicor logo must be the main character in your art. Imagine that Cargi is traveling a country, a city, a park, outer space, on a beach, in a forrest, or anywhere you want Cargi to see the world! Keep a carton style drawing/painting just like Ellicor products’ style. You can visit to learn more about this art style.

Be creative, be imaginative, be colorful and have fun

All entries must be submitted by July 10, 2023.

Please take a high quality photo of your art, fill out the Entry Form, and email your art and Entry Form to

Levels and Awards:

Awards will be given to 3 group levels, and each level has 3 places:

* Awards are given 50% of the total amount in cash and 50% of the total amount in Ellior gift card.

Judging Process:

The principal Ms Yan Zu, and the teacher Mr Harris Deno, of Studio Z Art & Design School, will select 36 pieces out of all entries to enter the final judging. The judging score of each artwork is composed of Studio Z (50%), Ellicor custmers (30%), and Ellicor employees(20%).

The awarded artworks will be announced on July 31st on the website, and the winners will be informed by email. All winner’s art must be submitted in their original formats to any one of four Ellicor locations(see below), which will be displayed on the ceremony, August 19th, at 23119 Colonial Pkwy, Katy, TX 77449